Employee Spotlights

Jered Brophy, System Architect Intern

Internship Spotlight

While working on a localization project, I also translated the QFD™ intake process to Spanish. This was one of the many goals I set for myself throughout my internshipRead More

Devon Anderson

Internship Spotlight

My favorite project I have worked on so far would be an article I wrote surrounding why financial institutions might fall out of compliance. I love knowing that I contributed to our knowledge base….Read More

Kaleb Robertson

Internship Spotlight

The Quavo community is eager to see others succeed and provides you with the guidance, leadership, and encouragement to aid one anotherRead More

Olyvia Shmiko on Women in Tech

Quavo’s Women in Tech

We need to keep pushing for equal representation, and it is the only way to increase women’s confidence and success in the workplace…Read More

Daronn Grosnevor

Interview & Insight into Corporate Diversity

It is extremely important for attracting talent and building a more diverse working environment…Read More


Internship Spotlight

Quavo has taught me to follow my gut instinct and continue to remain curious. I learned not to shy away from asking “silly” questions; because these questions benefit you in the endRead More

Spencer Kozal

Internship Spotlight

I’ve been fortunate to work with Jarred Rook and Devan Robertson. They are experts in this industry, sharing incredible insight into how FIs can leverage the power of automationRead More

Matt Libiran, System Architect

March ’21 Employee of the Month

I appreciate the collaborative environment Quavo creates from top to bottom. My coworkers are open-minded and welcoming to new ideas…Read More

Quavo Women In Tech Jess Wile

Quavo’s Women in Tech

Women in STEM should be given more leadership roles and opportunities where they are deserved as this will help pave the way for more women to follow in their footsteps…Read More

Director of Finance & HR Angie Adkins

Quavo’s Women in Leadership

Women are powerful, beautiful, and brilliant. Let’s use our influence and keep driving change…Read More

Jennifer Marshall

February ’21 Employee of the Month

My favorite thing about Quavo is that employees can charter their own career paths. Hard work is rewarded here…Read More

Jigar Modi, Senior Delivery Manager

January ’21 Employee of the Month

They say that the best things happen when you least expect them and that is 100% true with regards to how I joined Quavo…Read More

Cam Wilder

December ’20 Employee of the Month

I first began working for Quavo, Inc. as a finance intern in the spring of 2019 while pursuing my accounting degree at Michigan State University’s Eli Broad College…Read More

James Rook System Architect Image

November ’20 Employee of the Month

I joined Quavo shortly after obtaining my Pega CSA certification. My path here was not exactly the industry standard…Read More

Eileen Mata_Headshot

October ’20 Employee of the Month

As a Dispute Analyst, making the right decision for our client and their account holders is the most meaningful part of my job. My daily responsibilities include investigating claims…Read More

Joy Drassler Sales Development Representative

September ’20 Employee of the Month

It’s my job to develop and guide the client relationship from initial contact through to
sales qualification and, ultimately, successful software deployment…Read More

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