Chargeback Management Software that Assures Compliance

Our QFD™ automated dispute management software is continuously kept compliant with the regulatory requirements and automatically updated with the network association mandates. Our experts support QFD™ clients with periodic regulatory reviews and keeping our software updated with the latest network association bulletins. Stop worrying about auditors, fines, or penalties. We’ve got you covered.
Assured compliance

Built-In Regulatory Requirements

Regulations E and Z may seem simple, but applying these requirements throughout your fraud and disputes process is complicated. Our QFD dispute management solution prioritizes claims by the regulatory guidelines that they fall under with our Get Next Work algorithm. This tool automatically leverages multiple data points to optimize the order in which claims are assigned to back office investigators. This also enables issuers to work claims so that regulation guidelines are upheld, without relying on agents with extensive regulatory experience. Focus on your customers. We’ll focus on compliance.

We read ALL the bulletins, so you don't have to

Association Mandates Updates

We’ve applied association mandate rules throughout our QFD software to help gather the right information and data points to automatically determine chargeback rights. Our chargeback management software is also cloud-based, allowing instant and continuous support by our team. With card network bulletins covering everything from the latest rule changes to maintenance outages, it helps having Quavo’s experts on hand to streamline the process.

Automated dispute management software QFD audit screen shown on a laptop computer.
Never fear an audit again

Centrally Located Data

QFD extensively records every action taken within the system, while also tracking hundreds of data points throughout the entire fraud and dispute process. Our software features centrally located documents and stores merchant, account holder, and network association communications, ensuring the information required by auditors is always available and never destroyed.

Compliant Communication

Communication templates are consistently compliant.

Advanced Reporting

All system and user actions are reportable and reconcilable.

Built-In SLAs

All association and regulatory SLAs are built-in and tracked automatically.

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