Welcome to Our New Website!

By Daniel Penne | Chief Business Officer

We hope you like our recently launched website. As Quavo continues to grow, we realized that our original website lacked the functionality and scale we need so we’ve redesigned our web presence and architected this site to provide you with easy-to-access information that is clearly presented and quick-to-digest. Our navigation has been streamlined, so you can quickly learn about our:

We’ve organized all the Quavo corporate information into an about us section where you can learn more about our leadership team, read the news from Quavo, learn about our upcoming events and find out about career opportunities available with Quavo.

You can even access a quick summary of our company by reading our new Fact Sheet. Our new website (obviously) includes our new blog, which I hope you bookmark and come back to visit often so you can learn more about the amazing things being done in our industry with Pega 7.

We also included a contact section where you can easily reach Quavo. And we’ve presented this new website in a graphically rich and responsive format that you can enjoy viewing on any computer, tablet or smartphone. We’ll be continuing to build out our new website, and if you’d like to share any suggestions on how we can enhance our website over time please send me an email.