Dispute Management AI Technology

Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent

Quavo’s ARIA™ is the industry’s only dispute management AI that performs automated, reasonable investigations on behalf of the issuer. ARIA meticulously analyzes data, weighing various factors against the risk appetite of the client to determine the likelihood that legitimate fraud occurred.

What if you could maintain compliance, conduct a better than reasonable investigation for all disputes and consistently decision cases, but without all the delay and cost of manual research?

ARIA™ is Quavo’s newest dispute management solution leveraging AI technology. She stands for Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent because she can conduct investigations and deliver decisions as a human would, but in seconds.

Consistent Decisions

Humans do not make consistent decisions. ARIA does. Removing even the possibility for error goes a long way when it comes to compliance, process management, and customer service.

Real Time Resolution

Often it takes days or even months for issuers to complete an investigation and recover funds to an account. For account holders, this can feel like a lifetime of uncertainty and frustration. With ARIA, investigations are completed in seconds to provide your customers with a resolution in real time.

Cut Operations Costs

Use ARIA to collect information on ALL disputes, not just the high dollar ones, with no added resources. With ARIA, the cost of investigation doesn’t have to outweigh the cost of a disputed transaction.

Significantly Reduced Costs

ARIA costs a fraction of staffing a back office investigations team. ARIA automatically updates to bi-annual association mandates, keeping your team Reg E and Reg Z compliant to eliminate even the possibility of fines.

ARIA helps FIs confront challenges in staffing and an increase in claims during COVID-19

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