ARIA Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent™

For decades, issuers have maintained exhaustive fraud and disputes research teams dedicated to investigating and decisioning cases. After all, regulations state that it is the issuer's responsibility to conduct a "reasonable investigation".
What if you could maintain compliance, conduct a better than reasonable investigation for all disputes and consistently decision cases, but without all the delay and cost of manual research?

ARIA Automated Reasonable Investigation Agent™ is Quavo’s newest solution to an industry desperately in need of more automation than even the best solutions and Issuers have developed to date.  Discover how she can change the way you are investigating disputes and the benefits that come along with it.

Consistent Decisions

Humans are notoriously bad at making consistent decisions. Your Accountholder and your business deserve a thorough and consistent dispute investigation every time. Auditors and Compliance demand it. ARIA can deliver.

Instant Feedback

Issuers are up against tight timeframes to conduct an investigation and increased pressure to give provisional credit quickly. ARIA finishes her research within minutes of case submission, allowing you to take the next steps many days faster than even the most well run disputes teams.

Better Decisions

Think of your highest dollar, most complex dispute. Consider all of the things you check and double check and the care that goes into the investigation. What if the best research you can do was applied to every dispute? What if the best knowledge in the industry was available for you to draw upon? ARIA makes this possible.

Significantly Reduced Costs

Taking care of your Accountholder is your business. Losing money to fraud, friendly fraud, costly research and audit issues is not. ARIA can help you focus on your core business and drive costs down significantly around the disputes process.

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