Our Fusion best practices methodology allows customers to benefit from a Quantum Evolution in application development. That’s why we created our company name Quavo from our goal of delivering a Quantum Evolution to each customer.

Quantum Accelerators

We are efficiency addicts. Doing the same work over and over wastes the customer’s money, our staff’s intellect, and project time. Why build applications from scratch when you can leverage true acceleration for your business problem? Applications built with Pega allow for dynamic change to enable your business to be agile, to win, to quantum accelerate your success.  They are applications evolved.  We have built accelerators that focus on:

  • (QFD) Managing financial disputes such as checks, wires, ACH, ATM, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and Health accounts.
  • Managing complaints for banks and credit unions.
  • Automation of BSA investigations for banks and credit unions.
  • Application automation for banks and credit unions with special focus on loan origination.
  • Mediation systems to manage issue between private providers of assets (like homes, apartments, cars) and users of assets through new age “networked merchants” business model.

Pega Strategic Applications

We are expert implementors of Pega Customer Service (PegaCS) and Smart Disputes (SD).  We bring both deep industry knowledge of the card dispute business combined with years of SD implementation experience.  We believe every customer will need PegaCS at some point in their journey.

Quantum Consulting Services (QCS)

If you are serious about implementing a BPM solution, but having a difficult time figuring out where to beginor you are already on your BPM journey and need help crossing the finish line—QCS can help. Read More